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Custom designs and engineering of land vehicles since 1998.



We build single complete units, prototypes, custom parts and engine swaps.



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Adding power to a vehicle is our core ability.

Textron 850 MPE Dealer and Service Center


Low overall height based on
the patented cylinder head design
and optional dry sump lubrication

Low weight, close to that of standard 2-stroke engines and far below comparable 4-stroke engines


Cylinder head reversible by 180° owing to centered timing chain. This feature allows for reversed positioning of intake and exhaust system

Engine incline from -20° to +20° with wet-sump lubrication

Larger inclines possible with dry-sump lubrication

Internal/external starter/alternator solutions possible

Large amount of fastening points on engine housing and cylinder head

Environmental Compatibility

4-stroke concept (up to 60% lower emission pollution compared to 2-stroke engines).

Euro 4 compatible (with appropriate exhaust regulation)

Low fuel consumption values (savings up to 20% compared to standard cars with 4-cylinder engine)

Use of alternative fuels (natural gas) possible


Usage of same components for a wide engine performance range

Long service life (depending on application)

Low costs for maintenance and storage/stock parts